A Symbol of Hope

A Symbol of Hope

Drilling for Natural Gas in The Marcellus Shale


Sometimes I feel as if there is no hope for the future. As one day blends into the next, I feel as if there is no purpose to my life. 

Day after day on the peak of one of our surrounding hills, the drill rig vibrates and hums.  The Marcellus shale here is at a projected depth of 8525 feet. The operators cannot see the gas, they cannot smell the gas. In fact, they are not even sure this well will produce gas. You see, this well is the first one in our township and one of the first in our county. 

It doesn’t matter that they cannot be sure the gas exists.The maps say that there is potential, so they proceed. 

How like my spiritual life. I feel there is no hope for the future, that nothing I do makes a difference. But my Bible says differently. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  Hebrews 11:1 

Just as that rig drilled day after day 24/7, straight toward it’s target zone, I must proceed as if I see the goal, following my map, the Bible. 

The choice is mine: be purposeful and goal oriented, or be wavering and wandering.


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