The lost blankies

A week went by. Every night looking, pulling the children out of bed to join the search. Every day vacuuming and picking up, thinking of new possible hiding spots. Crying 5-year-old. Sleepless nap times, restless nights.

Operation Room, eight stainless steel caps, two teeth pulled, multiple cavities fixed. Then, sore mouth, aching jaw, split lips, crying and no blankies. Looking, searching and empty hands. Nothing could substitute, nothing would do, just needed blankies.

The burn garbage pile was huge! Micah was to open each and every bag to look for the lost. We waited impatiently, then just like the joy after a new birth…BLANKIES!! You see, Mazie doesn’t just have one blankie, but two. They are inseparable. Blankies get chewed on, sniffed, hugged, wrapped around the head like a turban. The blankie can shade shy eyes, keep restless hands busy, and empart comfort. The sheer joy of finding blankies made it all better. The teeth felt so much better. The night was quiet. Mazie’s world was complete.


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