Cambria County Fair (part 1)

The county fair this year feels so different. Because of a family wedding, Ray had to go out of state for the check-in days. As a result, we had only rabbits, chickens, and one goat that were entered. I only was willing to take what I could fit in the van. The first van load contained a bale of straw, three chickens, and four children.

Ian, Shyloh, Caleb, and Micah Ready to roll!!

Chickens and straw bale.

As you could see from these pictures, the first load of children were rather excited.

The next load, not so much. Levi went in the second load along with the three little kids, Billy the goat and eight rabbits. I think the younger kids were in a bad mood already since Levi is a reluctant baby sitter, he wasn’t thrilled either.

Mazie, Faith, and Benjamin

Billy and the rabbits.

When I arrived with the second load, Levi carried the goat to the goat/sheep barn since we had no trailer. We couldn’t find two of the kids I dropped off earlier and I had to finish the check-in paper work. I found out the main office had not sent the vet-client relationship form to the poultry barn. We had to pull each chicken out of their pen and read the leg band numbers for the form.

Next, at the rabbit barn, I found out that I had somehow not registered Faith’s rabbit (I should be blonde). So now I had a sad seven year old. I was so proud of her though, she really wasn’t mad at me and she gave me a hug!! What a special girl!

At the goat barn, all the paperwork was in order except they forgot to send a vehicle pass. The barn superintendent corrected that oversight..

Meanwhile I refused to let the three little kids out of the van since trucks and trailers were unloading, backing up, and squeezing through very small spaces. Poor Micah was in charge of these gremlins. They were about buzzerk by now. We hurried and fed, watered and left. On the way home, I realized the kids had forgotten the chicken carriers.


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