Cambria County Fair (final)

The cloverbuds from our club entered the hay bale decorating contest and won a first place! They were the children from Benshoff Hill 4-H Club ages 5-8.  It is really hard for children of this age to do the project themselves, so in reality, the parents did the work. I wonder sometimes what the true competitions would be like if the children were left to do things on their own.

scarecrow contest

The older 4-H children did the scarecrow contest themselves. As you see, they forgot the military boots and had a difficult time shaping the face. A second place effort.

Goat costume contest.

On Wednesday afternoon, the goat project children had the chance to enter the goat costume contest. Everyone who entered won a bucket of supplies from local stores and sponsors. The first three places won more valuable items. Shyloh did not place, but there were some really inventive costumes.

On Thursday, the Livestock auction occurred. Levi was an old pro and helped Shyloh ready her goat. She cried her eyes out knowing that her goat was going to market. She kept telling me all summer that she hated the goat when it was time to feed, water, and bed the animal. Now all of a sudden, he was her best buddy. Kids are silly sometimes. We figured out she paid for the initial cost of the goat and one bag of feed. The other two bags were our donation to the cause. She started with two goats and one died, so we took a loss on that one completely.

Levi sold his two meat pen rabbits for a fair price. The top selling rabbit pair went for $550.00!! We haven’t won the meat pen category for a few years, but even making $60 a pair is fair. The cost of his animals would be about that for two  purebred Californians, more like $40/each, but at least closer than the goats:))

On Friday, I got two calls from the fairgrounds. Micah’s rabbit wasn’t right and I needed to pick it up right away. I went to the grounds and found it had broken it’s neck. Either the excitement of moving the meat pens underneath her cage for the auction, or the fireworks must have startled her. Sometimes the rabbits freak out and run up the sides of the cage losing all sense of direction when they are startled. This has happened to us only once before. Unfortunately, poor Micah lost a rabbit due to the fair. He was really sad and discouraged. It made me want to take the other ones home too, but I didn’t.

Saturday, we brought home the remaining rabbits and chickens. Sadly, we never did find our cage that someone took even after giving a picture of it to the barn superintendents. No one used it to pick up their small animals, so another loss for this year. Why oh why do we do this…

See you next year, at the fair.


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