Mad Enough to Spit

This blog was written by my husband:

typical PA junior hunting license

Is there any nook or cranny too small or deep for the government or it’s entities to reach? It seems there is not.

I had not purchased a hunting license for the past several years. I decided to buy one this year to take two of my sons, who had taken an interest in hunting. I was as excited as they were, maybe more. I remembered my own excitement when I started hunting with my older brothers when I was young.

At the counter, I forked over my driver’s license, as is customary, for a photo ID. Then I shortly learned that  my social security number was also required (not so customary). I reluctantly gave the clerk my number. Now, it was the boys turn. They proudly displayed their hunter’s safety course cards, as required by law. GOOD, right??  “NO…your sons are also required by law to give their social security numbers.” I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT!  Very reluctantly, I phoned my wife at home to get their numbers. I didn’t want to , but I didn’t want to disappoint my boys their first year of hunting. I gave the clerk the numbers and she put them into the PA Game Commission database for the machine to print out the licenses. I paid for them and we left.

I was angry then, and even though some time has passed, am angrier now. I expect to have to produce my driver’s license at the drop of a hat, anytime, anywhere. But what’s with the social security numbers? Mine was bad enough, but  my sons were ridiculous! They are not old enough to purchase guns or ammo or anything!

When you are issued a social security card it was stated, not for ID use. “Protect this number.” We are warned daily about identity theft and to be as careful as possible. Am I to believe some hacker somewhere cannot penetrate the GAME COMMISSION’S database? Yeah, right. This idiotic requirement should be dissolved immediately! If anyone’s identity has been harmed by it, the Game Commission should have to foot the bill. The PA Game Commission is WAY over the line.


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