Missing You



My beloved Grammie 3/18/1917 - 7/24/2009

Enoch 5/26/2007, 21 weeks gestation, miss you honey

I was listening to my friends conversations this Christmas. As time moves on, I hear happiness and sadness all mixed up in the voices and tones of the season. I have so many memories of Christmas jumbled up in my brain. I would guess now about  a quarter of the dear ones  in my heart’s movie projector have gone on to see Jesus.  I celebrate the life, and mourn the loss all in one breath. I guess that’s why Christmas is full of joy and pain.


Ray’s Daughter Tressa (2/25/1981 – 12/31/1987)


   Ray's dad 1994, age 74

 Missing You

One to hold

One too old

Thanksgiving, Christmas

Insides are cold


Loss of family

At this time

Makes having fun

A tarnished dime


Heart’s not in it

Don’t really care

But faking wit

And table of fare


Pretending, smiling

Instead of frowning

Not quite covers

Grief undercover


 God in his goodness

Warms the hole

And brings back the wondrous

Memories of Yule

Esther Gay-Primel (2010)


And my other angels, Spring 1993, Summer 2002, Fall 2004,

and Summer 2010

Because He Lives.mp3    by Amanda Olsavsky and Ashton Burzio


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