Waiting for a Calf



You know medical science can tell us many things, but there seems to be no way to determine the exact time of birth. We bred Molly artificially. So we know the exact day and the exact time of day that we bred her. According to the breeding wheel, she should have been due December 24th.

 Yeah, right 😛 She is the same cow who had her last calf two weeks early in the loafing pen surrounded by the other cows in the middle of last December. We went out in the morning to find a heifer calf!! We were unprepared. She showed no signs of labor, so she wasn’t in the birthing pen. This time we thought we would be proactive and put her in the pen on her due date even though she showed no signs of being ready to calf…Once again she has fooled us.

Bovine Gestational Wheel

 It is now January 1st and still there is no calf. It has been our experience that, if they are late to calf, it is usually a bull calf. We will see . It is farmer’s wisdom. 

Ray felt bad for her yesterday and took her out of the pen so she could be around the other cows. She seemed bored. She proceeded to throw the other younger heifers out of her way, bashing them around and breaking off her scar from her horn. Blood was flying everywhere, so Ray put her back in. See, not only women are grumpy during the end of their pregnancy!

 Now we watch for the calf to move and look for signs of labor…


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