Winter Blues part 1

I can feel it sucking at me. It’s the time of year, depression stalks those who struggle. The list of downers for this time of year: January, no sun here in the PA  mountains, stuck inside with bad road conditions day after day, grouchy kids, and last but not least, too much time on my hands with no outside work.

 I have learned that for me certain things help: Exercise, thinking about and doing things for others, good music, lots of prayer and Bible time, and last but not least thinking and dwelling on my blessings. 

So for the next month, every day, I will name one blessing and describe it so that I can focus on the Best things in my life.

Thursday 1/13/11

First in the list is: I am thankful for God, my Father, my Redeemer, who loved me beyond measure. He is with me always and is my constant companion. He sticks closer than a brother. I can tell him everything and He always listens. He is a God who hears. He is a God who knows everything and loves me anyway. Thank You God.

Ray working on a piece of equipment


Friday 1/14/11

I am thankful for my husband, Ray. Ray is a solid, faithful, affectionate man. He loves me, and isn’t afraid to show it. All these years he has worked hard, even doing jobs he hated, to pay the bills. He doesn’t complain (much) if I don’t do things the way he likes them. He accepts me for me and listens to me. I love you very much, Ray.

Saturday 1/15/2010

I am thankful for ponytail holders. It is a great and quick way to hide a bad hair day or to make me feel somewhat presentable when my hair is bothering me. Like on a January yucky snowy day.


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