Winter Blues part 2

Another way to beat winter blues is to stare directly into your children’s faces and smile…they always smile back 🙂

Sunday 1/16/2011

I am thankful for church. It is nice to go somewhere as a family. We all sit together for the first part of the service and sing, pray and worship God. A missionary club lady brings candy around for the kids to pick their favorite type. We greet our friends hugging and shaking hands. Then I usually go into the nursery and visit with the young moms (I’m the older experienced one 🙂 ). I am so happy to see the melding of the generations in church, one place where we are all the same. God sees us as equal with no regard as to our value to the community.

Sunday 1/17/2011

I am thankful for the phone. The internet is nice, but the phone lets you hear the tone of voice, the emotion behind the words. Talking to friends, talking to parents and children gives me that extra sense of “is this urgent?” “Is this true?” “He really cares…” It is so nice to hear the voice behind the words. What an amazing invention!!

Monday 1/18/2011

I am thankful for my elliptical. It is so nice to have a way to exercise, which also helps the blues, no matter what the weather. Even though it takes up a lot of room, so what?  I make the kids do two miles twice a week too. Otherwise, they act like a bear with a sore butt, just grumpin’ because they have no outlet. Ahh, yes, my elliptical  🙂


2 comments on “Winter Blues part 2

  1. Greetings from North Carolina. I get a kick out of what you have to say. You dont’ seem TOO depressed! Thanks for you comment on my blog (Special Needs Inventor) Keep on keepin’ on! Lee

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