The Label has Been Printed

Mazie, Danielle, Faith and Shyloh

The label has been printed. Mazie has completed a slew of testing regarding her capabilities. The findings reveal that she is below the level of normal. Meaning whatever “normal” is, she falls into the mildly mentally challenged category.  She will always have learning support.

In some ways this is not a surprise to us, she is growing up slower than the other children.  She cries and bellows when her routine is changed and she has to adapt. Part of me is glad, knowing that with this designation, she will be provided all the services she needs. Falling under, opposed to, falling just above this arbitrary number makes her eligible. Part of me is very sad, knowing that her life will be different from the rest. She will not “grow out of it.”

She also was confirmed to have ADHD. Now that makes me 🙂 . I have never seen a child more in motion.  She will keep her TSS(support staff )to keep her on task.

She is developmentally behind in her fine motor skills, her speech and language. So OT (occupational therapy), speech and language therapies will continue.

The label has not changed the fact she is Mazie, and everything that entails. She is a ball of fire with her emotions worn on her sleeve. She is as ready to smile as she is to cry. She loves her night time, daytime, and anytime cuddles. She tries, and tries and tries some more attempting things that her muscles just won’t do.  She is right in there with the group. She is very social and tries to call her friends on the phone, who hang up on her when all she can say is “Hello, Selina” 500 times. She collapses into a ball of tears when she hears the click.

God, hold me up, help me to help her. Amen


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