Winter Blues Part 3

singing and dancing

Singing a song that is happy helps…especially if it is a silly children’s song…today I sang, “If you’re happy and you know it” with Faith and Ben. They don’t care if I felt it or not, I did it with them and couldn’t sing it without smiling 🙂

Wednesday 1/19/11

I am thankful for windows. Today our coal furnace smoked us out, but I could open the windows! Windows let in fresh air, let in the sunshine (if there ever is any), and give you an area to hang a pretty curtain. They also are a way to look outside and see the snow and clouds. Thanks Ray for letting me remodel and put in all these big windows 🙂

Thursday 1/20/11

I am thankful for friends. Caleb’s car broke down a while ago. It needs a serious overhaul. One of our friends brought his truck and towed it to his garage to check it out. Another friend today called me and we made plans for her family to come tomorrow night for pizza and conversation. I have been so blessed with a few very good friends and a lot of friendly acquaintances. Thank you, God, for friends.

Friday 1/21/11

I am thankful for magazines. They are a great colorful way to, for a while, escape into someone else’s life, think about a problem differently, or learn something in a few words. I love the pictures in magazines; they usually are huge and take up a lot of the word space. I love to see what brand of hair color works the best, what makeup makes your eyes pop, and lots of other trivia that I will never use, but is mindless fun 🙂

Saturday 1/22/11

I am thankful for black pants that hide a multitude of problems 🙂

Sunday 1/23/11

I am thankful for warm coal fires that heat up our hot water radiators when it is below zero outside. Thank you American steel for radiators that last a century without leaking!


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