Exceeding all Expectations

Mazie moo 🙂

We looked at the numbers, we compared that to her learning, WOW!!

Today I met with Mazie’s support team: The learning support teacher, her classroom teacher, the speech and language therapist, the occupational therapist, the special education director, her trained therapeutic support teacher.

The conclusion: She is a high achiever, she is exceeding all expectations. As a result, she probably will move on to first grade, supports in place, without moving her into a full time life skills program. That is, as long as the teacher they choose is animated!! We need exaggerated facial expressions, big arm movements, and excitement in the classroom  🙂

I see her progress, she knows 29 of the 54 (upper and lowercase) letters and 19 sounds. She made her learning support teacher cry when she sight read the word “the.”

You know, Mazie, you have been doing that since you have been born. You are an inspiration. The very fact that you are alive is due to your fight and persistence. What your future is, no one can tell, but honey, You are my hero!


4 comments on “Exceeding all Expectations

    • He sure is Susan! And sometimes things just can’t be explained, can they? I loved seeing them looking at her numbers and her achievements and just saying well, we’ll see what Mazie can do!

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