Winter Blues Part 4

On a sunny day, stop everything you are doing for a few minutes, and bask in the sun. Let it warm your face and think about how much better you feel with that sunshine 🙂

Monday 1/24/11

I am thankful for school buses and school bus drivers. I can’t imagine my kids walking to school in the rain, sleet, snow, and traffic like kids had to do before. Also, I couldn’t imagine trying to drive them to three different schools and them arriving on time. I don’t have to bundle up or wake up the baby to take them!! Thank you God for school buses and school bus drivers 🙂

Tuesday 1/25/11

I am thankful for eyebrow tweezers. My eyebrows tend to grow completely down to my eyelid, making me look rather bushy. Taking the time to thin my brows with a tool made just for the job, makes me feel better. Imagine trying to use needle nose pliers for the job!

Wednesday 1/26/11

I guess snow isn’t so bad when you can look at it while being warm: and there are good songs to go with snow.


2 comments on “Winter Blues Part 4

  1. Amanda sang that song at church Thanksgiving weekend and I played for her. It is a great song! Now I’m squalling again ! 😦

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