Still Ticking

Today I began the application form for the adoption agency. It took a few weeks to get approval for a life insurance policy for each of us. Meanwhile, I listen to the ticking in my heart. It is a time frame only God knows. When I feel an urgency to begin the next step, I begin, and not before.

Kind of, what I am semi waiting for is an approval or disapproval from our church. I requested that the pastor present a plan lined out by Steven Curtis Chapman ministry for church involvement in adoption, where the church sets up a fund to be used for adoption expenses to help the adopting family. Anyone could donate any amount, so the full burden wouldn’t be on the family or the church.

Here is the link:

Every adoption before this one, we had some fund to liquidate, some resource to use. That is not the case this time. I woke up in the fall with this idea not leaving my mind, as before, I acted, and I asked. The first response was, “ we are a small church and …” So I waited until this week, when again God placed the thought in my mind that would not move. Again, I asked. I am awaiting a response.

If the answer from the church is “No,” I still know God will work. His work is not hindered by “no’s,” He just finds another window. So I am waiting and listening and starting paperwork in faith.

Today the burden to take another step is strong. I’m stepping.


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