The Screaming Un-Change

Yesterday, Shyloh thought it was a fine idea to change her backpack. She thought her backpack was too small, and too pink. One of the boys had abandoned a black and yellow one that she claimed as her own. A good solution, not a problem, everyone was happy. 🙂

Then, Faith saw Shyloh had abandoned her backpack. It was beautiful, it was pink, and had many zippers. 🙂  She claimed it for her own.  A good solution, not a problem, everyone was happy.

But then, the girls thought, now logically, Mazie should have Faith’s old backpack. It was black and red with a draw-string top. First, she couldn’t transfer her things into the backpack, her motor skills are great for force, but not very accurate. As a result, her folders were not lined up and were being smashed sideways, like accordions.  The opening was just too small. The dimensions and mechanics of the backpack were beyond her skills. Then, I make the executive decision, that this backpack was not a good fit for Mazie. It was a bad solution, it was a problem, and Mazie wasn’t happy 😦

This morning began with two strikes. First the backpack quandary carried over from yesterday, second, it wasn’t her turn to pick the Roku ® Netflix ® movie.  The first problem was a half hour of screaming, crying, and emotional distress. The old backpack, that was fine yesterday, now was a source for STRESS. Since that was stressful, so was getting dressed, brushing teeth and EVERYTHING.

To top it all off, Faith picked the movie.

I told Mazie she could stay home with Benjamin, but she sobbed, “No.” This morning was a struggle, but I did send her off fed, dressed, and semi-together. At least the complete meltdown was over and she was pleasant. However, it took its toll. Her tongue is now hanging out from exhaustion (she does that because it takes a lot of effort to keep it in her mouth). Her concentration abilities are diminished, and she will be less teachable today. And…they all missed the bus…

The backpack dilemma


2 comments on “The Screaming Un-Change

  1. Your prayers for Sonia are so beautiful. How are you involved with Dixie and GLA? Is your daughter from Haiti?


    Colorado adoptive momma to 8

    • Not involved with GLA directly, have been praying for them and following them for about 7-8 years now. We never were eligible to adopt from Haiti since we have had 3,4,now 5 biological children and 3 adopted. My heart breaks for the caregivers who love and do not have access to what my little girl (who is now 5) had. She was premie with major medical support, having NEC, ostomy, reconnection, along with broviac, lipid infusions… She survived!! I was there waiting for her release to bring her home to adopt her. She was a fighter. But in Haiti, the children who fight, sometimes don’t have all that help… so I pray for help, healing and emotional support for the nurses and helpers who feel so helpless…

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