The Deacon Letter

We got word back from the pastor that he will bring up our request for setting up an adoption fund through the church at the next deacon’s meeting. His note said:  “Perhaps if you wrote out a statement as to your intentions with this adoption, and the options the church may pursue, we could give a copy to each Deacon, etc. and they could discuss ahead of time. That way if they had questions in the meantime they could see you before the next meeting? Hopefully that might help.”

I am not sure what he means about “your intentions with this adoption” sounds like I need a lot of prayer to write the deacons.

On another note, the agency will need $2050.00 for the application and home study fees combined. Since we are floating our home study to various agencies for their special needs situations, the whole fee is required at the same time. Not sure where we will get all the money for that.

You know this post sounds rather scattered because that is how I feel right now. Not really sure how God will work it all out, afraid that I’m not stepping in the right direction, and wanting so badly to trust and not seeing how it will all work.

 I need your prayers as I write the deacons.

We need your prayer as we trust God for the first fee that is due.

 I also am beginning to pray for the little one, wherever he or she is.

Thank you all for praying with us.


One comment on “The Deacon Letter

  1. In prayer! Your faith has encouraged me. Don’t let it be shaken by the evil one. Trust that God will show you the next step and open the next door at just the right time.

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