Here’s Your Sign

Couldn’t believe it, just couldn’t believe it!  I was doing my typical February fight with the taxes routine.

Paperwork, addition, subtraction, figuring out the farm slips. One number from the SAME slip goes into the feed category, one amount in the supplies category, one amount in the seed category…all on the same slip X 200 or so. Ray helped a lot this year. I wanted him to have a better handle on the farm expenses vs. income.

Anyway, he categorized the items on the slips and I started the tax forms on Turbotax ® . As I was putting in the numbers and answering the questions, all at once our return looked, well, huge. At the end, a message came from the Turbotax site that I could not file them right away since a form needed updated. Well, I figured that was where the glitch was and I waited until February 17, today for the upload.

This year, this year, I tell you the adoption credit changed from a deductible  credit to a refundable credit…You are absolutely kidding me!! In our last two adoptions, the expenses had been carried over. We never had enough tax burden to claim the whole adoption credit from the expenses in 2005, 2006 and 2007. Now this year, when the God pressure to adopt became HUGE and the money was, well, LACKING, God provides again!! These adoption expenses from the past years are refundable THIS YEAR regardless of our tax burden.

Absolutely unbelievable…we have a beginning nest egg to start.  From where? From the last source I ever thought possible…Man oh man, why do I doubt. I just asked God for a sign…Well HERE’S your sign 🙂


4 comments on “Here’s Your Sign

    • Truely it was such a confirmation!! Since I had to send the adoption decrees along with the income tax return, I had to file by mail. But God knows the timing. It should cover a great portion of the costs praise God! So unexpected.

  1. Wow after 2 months of prayer and searching and wondering how we where going to pay for a international adoption we walked into our accountants office. When we walked out we were truly amazed that our return was within $50 of what we needed to get started. The next day in blind faith we sent over $10,000 to our awesome adoption agency in oregan. A year and a half later we brought home our wonderful baby bboy from Guatemala. God is Good

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