Sixteen Years Ago

I was coming close to the end of my fourth pregnancy, Caleb and Levi were 3 and 2, I had a miscarriage six months prior to this pregnancy right at the 11, 12 week mark. So, when I fell pregnant with Micah, I had extra tests from the very beginning.  My hCG  (human chorionic gonadotropin) levels were increasing, but not at the rate expected. So that made me nervous and gave me extra doctor’s visits.

I had decided to switch doctors after having Levi, since I wanted a VBac ( Vaginal delivery after a Caesarian Section) and the doctor for Levi, pressured me for the C-sect since he had a t-time (I found out later)  I had been progressing with Levi, but not as quickly as he would have liked. All the other women on the floor had delivered…that’s for another day…

My pregnancy with Micah was rather uneventful, just anemic as usual. The plan was to not induce since it increases the chances of a problem for a Vbac. For them to agree to a trial of labor, everything had to be perfect. So I was about 10 days late and in the middle of the night, April 1st,  I couldn’t sleep and I sneezed. My water broke. It was a dark green. Meconium. “Nuts, oh well I guess I am having another Caesarian.” I packed for the three days in the hospital and we went  in to the maternity floor. I was expecting the doctor to say that she was calling the operating team. Instead she said, “OK let’s give it a try.” I was a little wigged out thinking that maybe it wasn’t Ok, but she was the doctor.

I progressed very slowly since I went in to the hospital quickly after the meconium. I was at a 5 for like I don’t know 8 hours or so. The doctor came in and said, maybe your water didn’t fully break. She felt a soft area that she thought was the amniotic sac and got the hook and snagged a few times with no change. She went away. Around this time, I got an epidural.  Finally, around hour 24, I was fully dilated, fully effaced and ready to push. A nurse came in to do a last check, and she began to yell at me: “God, I feel an eye socket! And a nose. Don‘t push, you’ll break his neck. “  He was in a full face presentation. The next thing I knew, a team of X-Ray people were there with the big mobile X-Ray machine taking pictures. The anesthesiologist was there giving me a full spinal. The OB surgeon showed up. Meanwhile, my whole body was concentrating on fighting “Push”.  With all my might, I was pushing against the push  and praying for my baby.

Then…I couldn’t breathe. Not just a little, I was suffocating. I started to thrash my head from side to side, saying,” I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.” The doctor asked me if I ever had a spinal before, I said “yes, two” (it gives you a heavy pressure feeling in your chest). I said this was way different , I could not expand my lungs at all. He said , “Ok.” And they double timed me into the OR.  I was crying out to Jesus. All I could say in my mind was HIS NAME. I was not even transferred to the bed for more than a second when the Doctor saw what was wrong.

 My uterus had ruptured. He quickly got Micah out, but the baby was limp. The whole anesthesia team worked on him…the time ticked on…seven  minutes later he began to breathe. The OR was dead silent. No one spoke and  tears were running out of the corners of my eyes as I lay there. The obstetrician asked me if I wanted a tubal, I told him no. He suctioned, and suctioned. Ray later told me they had to remove all of my intestines to clean out my cavity. After Micah gave a pitiful cry, they showed me his little face. It had a large gouge out of the forehead (later I found that this is where the first doctor tried to snag my already ruptured amniotic sac with the hook). I told Ray to go with the baby and he didn’t.  He was white, he stayed with me. He was seeing all of the blood in the suction tube. The doctor was relieved that Micah was alive and told me I was very lucky he had not put anything through the hole in my uterus and started to thrash. Micah was his first live birth from a uterine rupture. My uterus had begun to separate along the scar line from my previous Caesarian but then shredded. That sweet older doctor spent two and a half hours sewing my beaten and battered uterus back together.

The next thing I remember is the next day, I woke up as the nurse took my blood pressure :80 over 40. They did not want to give me a transfusion if they could help it since screening measures for HIV were in their infancy. I did not have the strength to lift my head. The OB doctor told me it was a “wait and see” if I would hemorrhage and require a hysterectomy.

 Micah could not come to me. The anesthesia team went into the nursery to see their miracle baby. The pediatricians came and told me ” there is a God in Heaven.”  They were also astounded at his recovery, but with reservations. Micah was posturing and they were uncertain about brain damage. I heard everything, but had no energy to really comprehend it all.

Happy sweet sixteen My child of joy, Micah Neal.

“The Lord Gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord. “  Job 1: 21. And this time, He gave.

(my scanned images for some reason saved as pdf. you have to click on the links to see the pictures, sorry 😦 )

Micah newborn

loving Micah

Caleb, Levi meeting Micah


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