I’m Making a List

I am using this quiet moment to make a list. As my house is always noisy, I have a hard time gathering my thoughts.

The home visit for the adoption home study is to be next Tuesday. Since our family is very active and rather rambunxious, there are repairs that we have not gotten to because the tyranny of the urgent always takes precedence over the little annoying things that need fixed.

Starting with the cellar, we need a new door knob since the kids ripped the other one off about two weeks ago( some things it is just better not to ask what happened). A window needs fixed that Mazie threw a bat through last fall and we just boarded it up since the snow was flying. Next, two light fixtures in the kitchen are broken from flying objects, along with one in one of the bedrooms. I need to buy new bulbs since Caleb unscrewed a lot of them from the basement and took them when he moved out last weekend.

shattered with the double hit of a thrown bat...

Both the shower head and the sink have been torn off the bathroom walls in the cellar. We would have fixed them sooner, but Caleb insisted even if did those repairs to the basement bathroom, he wouldn’t use it (his bedroom was in the basement). We have those parts from long ago, but my dear husband never had time to repair them.

Two screens on windows were slashed due to panic over school fire drills. Rather than asking for directions on how to open the screens, panic set in and they slashed them with their handy dandy pocket knives. No fire will ever get the better of them 🙂

One door upstairs needs replaced since one of the children (I am not naming that name) slammed the door so hard and kicked it that there was a big hole in it and we burnt it. I think that is all for the repairs since I already replaced the plug covers smashed by unknown means.

I want to get new smoke alarms since the ones we have are almost ten years old and it is a good time to replace them. We have two fire extinguishers. Hopefully we can get a load of scrap to the scrap yard.  Other than those repairs, we just need to do the regular cleaning. Hopefully we will get a break from the rain so we can mow the yard which is now almost knee high…

I am sure the list will grow until next Tuesday. Exciting, and a good excuse to get some repairs done by a busy farmer husband who works the best with a deadline…


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