Some Things you Just Really Can’t Explain

Some things you just really can’t explain. Ray told me on Saturday morning that he had been having really bad dreams. Now Ray is a man who almost never dreams that he remembers. He had a dream on Friday night where an evil spirit was trying to attack him from the front and he was able to fend him off, and then attacked him from the back. Needless to say, that was unsettling. I thought about that most of the day and come evening, at 8:00pm, I gathered the kids and told them that we had been slacking on devotions and tonight we needed to do them and pray for protection for Dad and our family.

Before we started, I heard an odd noise and I had the kids look to identify it. We looked and found nothing. So, I had found a song I wanted to use for the night on youtube and we listened a while,

Forever He will be the Lamb upon the Throne

Faith went into the kitchen and came back and said calmly, “there is a fire and it’s really big.” Now Faith is a talker and can exaggerate, but we needed to check it out so Ian and I went into the kitchen. Sure enough, behind our gas drier, flames were shooting as high as the ceiling. I grabbed the small fire extinguisher that we keep on top of the refrigerator and the trigger was weird and I was struggling to figure it out, so Ian threw two pitchers of water on it from the kitchen sink. The flames were still shooting and I emptied the fire extinguisher on it while talking the kids out the door. Faith, Levi, Ian, Micah and Benjamin were calm while Shyloh was crying and Mazie was hysterical.

Micah was on the phone with 911, while the house was quickly filling with VERY thick smoke. I went on the deck trying to decide what to do. The kids got Ray at the barn and I went to the cellar to get one of our other extinguishers, a much bigger, industrial one. The embers were glowing and Ray took over as I did the kid patrol. I made Micah get off the phone since the smoke was really bad and took him outside to join the others. All the kids were at the swing set and Mazie was a mess hanging onto a towel and a cloth grocery bag crying about her room.

Fire Trucks

By now the firemen arrived. We had 7 fire trucks and the EMTs. Two from Jackson Township, two from East Taylor, Middle Taylor, Franklin and I am not sure who else. We have no fire hydrants, just spring water so they called for more tankers when they saw the smoke billowing out of every window and door of the house as they approached. Ray was still inside. He told me it flared up three times after I had left.

scorched ironing board

It melted and burned clothes, a wooden ironing board

destroyed hamperand melded the linoleum floor to the wood.

burned clothes

 However, no structural damage it did not penetrate the wooden paneling or the floor boards. Today God saved us.

Surveying the Damagescorched ironing boarddestroyed laundry basket

As the first fire truck approached, one of the fireman waved it through and he drove right on top of the slab that covers our septic tank. Well, gallons and gallons of water a huge truck and a 4 inch cement slab, something had to give. They felt bad, but it’s OK, stuff happens.

something's gotta give 🙂

 Ben thought they were all school buses so he wasn’t at all worried. Mazie did eventually calm down and let go of my neck. Today, we scrubbed and scrubbed.

first scrubbing crew

Tomorrow we have to wash all our bedrooms too, everything smells like smoke, but at least we have walls and stuff to wash.

second scrubbing crew

I can’t explain the dream, the gathering of the children and Ray being easily accessible at that moment. Only God knew what was about to happen, and he made a way for us to escape and save not only all the children, but our material things. Some things just are beyond my comprehension, thank you again God for your protection.

Clean your lint, keep fire extinguishers handy, more than one if you can. Listen and respond to the Holy Spirit, who speaks in ways that we do not expect sometimes.


2 comments on “Some Things you Just Really Can’t Explain

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Thank God you are all okay! Thank you, Jesus, for your protection! Wow! You have such a thankful, sweet spirit — I so appreciate your perspective!

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