Crap, Crap and more Crap

Before the fire was the plague.

crap, crap and more crap

Innocuously enough, it started. It was a little loose, normal color and a little more often. That was Wednesday. Thursday it was every two hours and turning dark green. By Friday, it was a light green/yellow and every hour and a half and his poor little butt was raw. Friday afternoon, I call the pediatrician. Pediatrician was not available, spoke to the Physician’s Assistant (PA). PA says,” it is going around use the brat diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast).” I say, “are you sure? this looks like it might be bad.” Friday night every hour I changed him. Now he was blistered. But he ate a lot that day and seemed chipper if just a little sore. Saturday night, every hour he pooped, on into Sunday.

Poor sick buddy 😦

Ray took the kids to church and I stayed home. I no sooner would get the diaper off his but and it would be leaking down his legs. He was now screaming in pain with every diaper change. Ray came home from church, as he ate he saw the truth of the situation. We agreed. It was time.

We arrived in the hospital at 2:00pm. By the time he was admitted at around 10, he had pooped 10 times. I repeat that 10 times. Since he was dehydrated, the ER team could not find a vein after two sticks by two different people. Ben is crying, “honey, honey, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” That is what I say to him when I change his sore butt. He is so forgiving. I held him while they stuck him and he still wanted me to cradle him to make the pain go away.

Making Benjamin better

Thank God for modern medicine. My poor buddy after being pumped with fluid could not pee. His face and legs/arms everything was swelling and they had to cut little slits in his ankle bands. Finally he wanted to go home and started to pee.

Daddy and Benjamin waiting to feel better

 I am so thankful that God has blessed our children with health. While I was in the hospital, one momma said she lived in hospitals. Her poor son had multiple surgeries since he had been born, he was 12.


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