Adoption Progress 6/25/2011

6/25/11 Adoption Process Progress

A few of our friends have inquired how we are coming along with our adoption… Well, in previous posts, you could see things hit the fan in the month of May. That caused about a three week delay in my motivation. One week for Benjamin’s hospital visit,  one week for the fire,  one week for Ray working away from home and the milk pump getting flooded. A week or so for discouragement 🙂

Here is what we HAVE so far:

 home visit, check. Ray physical, check (my appointment was to be the week Ben was hospitalized). Childline clearances 3 of 4 (all in the house over the age of 15). I sent them with checks…ugh, they require money orders or cashier checks,so they were returned and I sent them again. I knew that, but life was crazy about then. References 4 out of 5, come on Nancy 🙂

Lots yet to do, I was hoping to be done by the end of July, but it looks like I have yet to do:

All the copying, updating our autobiography from a few years ago. Unfortunately all my documents were saved in Microsoft works (xp program) and need opened and saved in a word format…anyone have an old working xp? FBI clearances. I paid for them and registered, but Levi, Ray and I have to go get that done. State police clearances, but they can be done on the spot, online.  We have to change our will to allow for their oldest sister, Amanda, to be the kids’ guardian. She is now old enough I think (28). She hopefully won’t be called into action.

Shyloh, Amanda and Faith

  I have all the other documents, just find and copy them.  Two more visits with the social worker, maybe only one and one by phone, depends on her. So really, we could be done in a month or two.

God has the time for us to be done. This delay was for a reason. Timing is everything. The right child  or children in the right home at the right time. If the timing is off just a little, then we may miss an opportunity. So time to gather my brain, make a list, and copy and revise…


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