It is Never a Coincidence

It is never a coincidence. Days have passed and zilch had gotten done regarding our adoption paperwork. But now, look at what is happening:

In the  last few days:

1.        Received all the state child abuse clearances, all 4 ( even Micah and Levi needed them since they were over 15 years old.

2.        Ray was home for a day, today so we could get our FBI fingerprints done. Levi is going to MOMENTUM, a Christian retreat, at the same place we went to get our fingerprints today, so he can do that without me even moving the car 🙂  NOT a coincidence, don’t believe in them.

3.        Received the Verification of Employment from Ray’s work.

4.        And scheduled a physical for me for next Friday.

5.        Found an old XP laptop on sale really cheap on eBay ® Remember I said our autobiographies were in Microsoft works, not word and the computer couldn’t read the files… also not a coincidence being the seller is only 15 miles from here and I can pick it up, no shipping charges either!

Still to do:

1.        The Autobiography once I have the computer and the files converted. 

2.        My physical.

3.        Few odd papers to fill out.

4.        A copy of Ray’s divorce decree from the Prothonotary’s office.

5.        And updating the guardianship in our will.

6.        Find Ray’s diploma.

7.        State Police Clearances, can be done online instantly.

Hopefully this will all be done soon and we can have our last meeting with the social worker and she can write it up!!

But even more telling, my heart is beginning to yearn for that child or children. It is a feeling like when you are pregnant and dreaming of the child you carry. You are sometimes unfocused concerning the present events, and praying/listening/preparing and waiting with all your heart.

and some children are being listed that are tugging at me





Ephraim, a very sweet newborn baby, is in need of a nurturing and loving family who can help him overcome whatever challenges may confront him. He is a baby who has a number of risk factors any of which could interfere with typical development.

Ephraim is an African American baby who was born on June 9, 2011. He weighed 7lbs 3 oz. and his length was 20 inches. His doctors are monitoring his head circumference which was measured at birth as 12 ¼ inches. His birth mother’s drug toxicology test, done at the time of his birth, was positive for cocaine and marijuana. His birth mother, in fact, acknowledges heavy drug use throughout the entire pregnancy. She reported extensive use of alcohol prior to the pregnancy and alcohol use during the pregnancy cannot be ruled out. Currently, Ephraim is undergoing drug withdrawal as manifested by tremors throughout his body. These will subside over time but the effects of prenatal exposure to drugs can be extremely damaging. In addition…


5 comments on “It is Never a Coincidence

  1. Congratulations, Esther and Ray!! I am so HAPPY for you both! I look forward to hearing more about little Ephraim and any other little ones who come to join you! I’m sure whomever is caring for him right now is giving him lots of love, swaddling, rocking, soothing and singing……… I pray God will multiply the wonderful love he will get from you, his family, and I pray that combined LOVE will heal all his wounds from the drugs and other problems, in Jesus’ precious Name, amen! ❤

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