Walking on Tippy Toes

Did you ever look really hard at yourself and decide you are just the person that you can’t stand? Really…how does it happen? You become what you hate the most.

I began to look at my behavior lately through other’s eyes and I hate what I see. I am whiney, unforgiving, ungrateful and not very happy. Just the person you run into in the store or anywhere and you look for an escape route because whatever comes out of their mouth is angry and bitter…

My life has been too busy and I haven’t taken the time to recharge. Check that, I haven’t had TIME to recharge and I am VERY tired, Very grumpy, Very stressed and NOT happy , not at all. Being happy takes time.  It just isn’t a natural emotion…except when you are 8…Let me show you something Faith wrote in her journal…

Faith, queen of the hill 🙂

“Two of my favorite summer activities are walking on my tippy toes and making smores. First I love walking on my tippy toes. I like going on my tippy toes because it gives me balance. It makes me very happy. Second I really like making smores. Smores are good to eat. Smores are fun to make.”

And that says it all. I am going to walk on my tippy toes and make smores. It sure couldn’t hurt 🙂



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