Prime LS Beauty Salon

Prime LS Beauty Salon

I should have taken some cosmetology classes, I really should have. Every time we prepare our animals for the fair, I really think, of everyone I know, I am the least suited for this job. Heck, I can’t even get my own hair to lay right and here I am clipping, blow drying and hair spraying a cow tail, a cow’s top line and trying to get it so the cow or calf looks long and slender, yet well sprung at the ribs. Now why can’t I have a haircut that does that for me?? I’ll tell you, at least my ears don’t get as dirty, and to get a manicure, they don’t have to strap me to a table and flip me on my side. Here are a few prep pictures, hope you enjoy them 🙂

funnelling a cow into the trimming tableFunnelling a cow into the hoof trimming table.

There she is 🙂

snap and flip :)Snap and flip. Her head is locked in place, and the table is flipped onto it’s side.

legs are strapped so they can't kick and trimming commences!

He trimmed 14 cows and calves that day for us.They are really fast! It is not very expensive either.

Micah cleaning haltersclean and matched halters

for some reason every year, we lose parts off of our halters. We had only four complete ones this year, ugh that means we have four more partials…

clean and matched halters

we rough out the cows at home

Some more pictures coming tomorrow as we have more preparations, they need the hairspray and the nail polish yet…


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