Home Study Complete, Now Stage II

The Home Study Complete, now stage II

Last month, we had our final meeting with the social worker and turned in our paperwork.

Papers and more papers, all in order according to the checklist.

I was keeping an eye on a little guy an adoption agency had been trying to place in a family. I was anxiously waiting for the paperwork to be finished by the social worker so I could send or email the home study to the agency. They also accepted home studies by attachment to an email, but their email wasn’t working that weekend…IIRENE 🙂 they are a NY, NY agency…by the time the paper completed home study arrived, alas, he had been placed. Alas for us, but hooray for him 🙂

Now, today, a couple from TX is looking at our profile along with others to possibly place their little girl, to be born next month, with a family accepting of special needs. This little girl has some hereditary things possibly going on. As is common with agencies that have no couples in their files wanting to accept such risks, they look for families, anywhere in the US to show to the birth family so they have a selection.

The answer should come sometime soon if they chose us…if not, more applications and more scouring for situations that are hard to place. Anywhere we send our home study that needed a family and we weren’t chosen, we ask them to keep it in case they need a family quickly.

And of course we have to think about finances…We only have so much money to work with for adoption. I did ask the agency that did our home study about having an escrow account for at least our post placement costs and court fees for the social worker. They do offer that service. They have not gotten back to me about how to do that so I have to call them again 🙂

It really is not much different than job hunting, you can’t get discouraged, you know the situation is there somewhere and you have to keep looking… more about this later


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