Losing Lovely

Just Beautiful 🙂

All they had to do was ask
My mom cougar is burning. You know how something happens to one of your little chicks and you just want to scream at the injustice of the superficiality of teenagers and preteens.

Pictures are worth a thousand words so I will begin at the beginning as they say…

Once upon a time a princess had beautiful, lovely, long locks. A yearning was born inside her to help and she only knew one way.

Gathering the maximum ponytail

The princess willingly had her beautiful locks shorn as short as possible, so the gift was as perfect and as useful to the little one, who was to receive her crown of glory.

What a gift!!

This princess, now indistinguishable from the crowd, was mocked for her shorn hair.

Finished product

She did not defend herself, she accepted their scorn knowing the gift was perfect, but inside a knick of her heart was felt. She began to hide herself, now resembling the princes, she was not the one with the admired locks, but the one with the boy cut, the one teased by kids saying she was another girl’s boyfriend… None of them asked why, they just turned her out, just like chickens pecking the one that is different.

Oh she's a princess alright

Her eyes cried while my heart burned with love for my princess, who gave up her crown because of compassion. Oh honey, no one might see you, but your Daddy and I see, and so does God.


2 comments on “Losing Lovely

  1. My daughter and I did the same thing right after my mother-in-law’s lose to cancer. Because of the comments from the other kids, My daughters faith isn’t so strong, and her desire to help is diminishing. What a shame it is that children can be so cruel and quick to judge. How easy it is to loose your faith just so in. Be proud of the wonderful daughter that you are raising!

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