Adoption Links and what’s happening

I thought I would update what is happening with our adoption status. The little girl in Texas  that was not born yet was matched with another family. That is really OK I was scrambling to get an album together to mail and it wasn’t a very good effort…yet. After that I spent a week or so making a really good album that represented our family. I also worked on our webpage

I also mailed our home study and NEW improved album to Transitions Adoptions we would love to work with this agency again. is the agency that does our home studies. They know we are seeking special situations so we “own” our homestudy and can send it out to various agencies. Many agencies “keep” the home study even if you paid for it and will not release it to another agency for placement…sounds unfair doesn’t it…and it is.

Here are some sites that I keep an eye on: we were matched with Mazie from this site six years ago. this is a site that matches special needs situations. they list children that are hard to place in their ASAP program with sliding fees. This site is where Ephraim was listed. I told you about him in a prior post, but hurricane Irene prevented us from sending our home study in time… is where dear Kelly compiles a list of families that are seeking a special needs placement and she networks for the sake of the children. We presently are waiting to hear about two situations RIGHT now using her networking. We should know something by the beginning of the week.Decisions.gif

My stomach hurts 😛 My nerves are shot waiting.  The one family has been looking at three families since last Thursday, another family will look at three of us on Monday…So since we can only have one placement at a time, we feel that if the first family hasn’t decided by Monday morning, we will allow ourselves to be shown to the second family. The family will look at our web site and decide…pray with us. We want the right child for our family. We want the child to have the family THEY need: and that isn’t always us !!!

If neither of these situations work out, we will keep looking and waiting…God knows and we want HIM to pick.

Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts as we wait for their decision.


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