Lest I forget


Lest I forget

An old diary entry: Sept 20, 2005

Yesterday, I was feeding Mazie while the other children were playing kickball. Then I heard it. The door opened and I heard shoes clipping across my newly scrubbed kitchen floor.

In my mind I prepared my lecture…”Get out!! Get those shoes off!!”

Faith rounds the corner ( she is about 2 ½ at that time), mud dripping off her shoes, a huge smile on her face-“Mommy….”

Then it erupted, “ Get out, Get those shoes off.”

In confusion, she turns away and runs the other way, opening the cellar door and fleeing.

Immediately, I feel regret and follow quickly. On the steps is a much loved and over handled dandelion.

-OH NO-I am so sorry.

May I be a mom that notices the flower in the hand before the mud on the shoes.

Such regret. Sometimes I miss the boat entirely. Sorry to a two year old is meaningless 😦


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