When most kids get a cold or something is wrong, they do the politically correct thing and cover their mouth when they cough, sneeze quietly into a tissue. In fact, they would rather blow out their eardrums than draw attention to a sneeze when they are around their peers. If something hurts they usually might grimace a little, but act tough so they are not noticed. They like to blend into the woodwork.

Enter a special mentally handicapped child. They really don’t care who sees them or what is happening to other people. They are stuck in that two year old ethnocentrism, where the only thing that they see is themselves. It is not important what others think about them because no one else really is real to them.

Mazie moo was a bit fussy on Wednesday night. Her tooth was loose and she had a cough. She kept insisting we pull her tooth and we would tell her, “no, you pull it.” She would wiggle it and loudly say, “AAAUUUGGHHH”. She did eventually go to sleep with a baby aspirin and some anbesol and a cough drop.

Thursday morning she seemed fine, still had a bit of a cough, and sneezed a few times, but seemed well enough to go to school. About 12:00 I get this call from the nurse. UHH, Mazie is here, she is coughing really loudly and no one in the class can concentrate. Her tooth hurts and she is groaning, she is getting nothing accomplished; and neither is the class. Mind you, she wasn’t sick wasn’t throwing up or having a temperature and other than the mild LOUD cough and her AAUUUGHHH noises, she was healthy. I really laughed. They wanted me to pick her up because her body noises were too disturbing for the class…She was oblivious that anyone else could hear her, she just had to cough and sneeze so …there it WAS. She had a tooth pain…AAAUUUGGGHHH…

I picked her up and we went grocery shopping, and she coughed and AAUUGGGHHHed the whole way through the store, but hey, after all a girl’s gotta cough and lose a tooth. She hasn’t gone back to school yet since she hasn’t lost her tooth 🙂


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