Who AM I

Who Am I

When I heard the first notes of the song, memories flooded my mind.

Let me go back. My Father began his life with a mom who loved music. No really she LOVED music. Her father came to the US on temporary musician’s visa and never went home, instead, he married and had children. One of the children was my grandma. She grew up with her dad working the farm, interpreting at the court house and playing his accordion. I am not sure if he played other instruments, but he played the accordion.

My grandmother learned how to play the guitar and taught her three sons how to sing  parts at a young age. My dad had a high tenor voice that could melt butter. My one uncle went to the Julliard school of Music for violin. My grandmother wanted my Dad  to join the Vienna boy’s choir, as I understand it, he was actually invited, but my Grandpap put his foot down I am sure. That was just how it was. He left her go until it was far  enough for him.

Grandpap and Grandma

My Grandpap played the saw. My one regret was that when he was getting more and more frail, he wanted me to take a VCR recording of him doing that, but I was too busy with my three little boys and kept forgetting the camera when we would visit. Soon after, his leg was amputated.

 (This is not a picture of my grandpap ;)) I don’t know if you ever have seen that before, but using a violin bow and a saw, the saw handle end is against the inside of the knee and the saw is bent into an arc using one hand, the other hand pulls the bow across the saw. Depending on the pressure, the arc of the saw changes, changing the notes. Vibrato is made by slightly vibrating knee the saw is resting on.  www.sawplayers.org does a much better job explaining it!

WARD professional photo, my dad and his brothers and mom.

Anyway, my Dad grew up playing for the local radio station WARD…they had their own show, and later when he was married, played in bands for a while. UNTIL…he went to a Mennonite church  in eastern PA and he knew he needed for Jesus to change him. He wasn’t the man he wanted to be. His life choices abruptly changed. This was before my time, but I heard he quit smoking cold turkey, quit
the band and being wild and looked for direction. God led him to join a Christian group, “The Eastman Quartet,” for a time. But what I most remember, was this song. I wish I had a recording of him singing it. But I heard it on the radio  this morning and I cried. So many memories, through the years, this was Dad’s” go to” song. It was the one we heard when he felt he needed to sing it. The song always seemed to put things back into perspective for my Dad.

Dad playing the guitar 2011

Here are the words: By Rusty Goodman


When I think of how HE came so far from Glory.
Came and
dwelt among the lowly, such as I.
To suffer shame and such disgrace, On Mount
Calvary took my place.
Then I ask myself this question- Who am I?

Who am I, that a KING would bleed and die for?
Who am I that HE
would pray, Not my will, THINE Lord?
The answer I may never know, Why HE ever
loved me so,
That to an old rugged cross HE’d go, For Who am I?

I’m reminded of HIS words, I’ll leave you never.
Just be true, I’ll
give to you a life, forever.
I wonder what I could have done,

to deserve GOD’s only SON,
to fight my battles until they’re won, For who am I

Here is a you tube link
if it works:

Who AM I


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