It’s Been A Good Year for the Roses

It’s Been a Good Year for the Roses

With the first snow fall, the end of the season is defined. We already had some frost,
but my stubborn roses kept blooming. This morning with the first six inches of snow
weighing down the faces of my bright pink roses, I knew. Just as the splash of color
on the white snow told me it’s over, so did the medical report on one little guy we asked about.

The case worker called us, very interested in our family. I listened then thought and prayed.

This little guy is almost 3, he has a condition called Goldenhar Syndrome. He faces years
of surgery to correct a birth defect way back in the first trimester when the face begins to
develop. He already has had two surgeries and will face many more, realigning his jaw,
moving his chin, filling in his cheek growing his bones to fit the other side of his face. He is
smart, active and charming. He has a vent tube that may never be removed, dependent on the
reconstruction. He is at an age where he is constantly pulling out the tube and the nurses…two shifts

a nurse all to himself.

Benjamin, almost 3 and crazy hair 😉


Benjamin is the exact same age. We do not have enough support, in friends and family
for me to be able to go for multiple surgeries in Pittsburgh leaving either the kids or the little
guy alone in the hospital. I cannot be two nurses and mom…I have to say no. I am so sorry little
guy, may your countenance not be weighed down as the snow destroyed the rose, may God find
your perfect family to love you no matter what you look like, and see the heart of gold and the
shining eyes. May that family have the support they need for you to always feel loved and
cared for. I am very, very sad that we cannot be that family, Go with God honey.


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