46 Again

46 again

This morning the kids were asking me about my upcoming birthday. “How old will you be Mom? ”
Let’s see, 65,70,75,80 understand it is like 5:30 am.

“What are you doing Mom?”

“No that’s not right, Let’s see I was born in 1965…” 65,75,85,95, 2005 ok that’s 40 and six more make
2011. I guess I will be 46.”

“But Mom, You were 46 last year.”

“I was? That’s right you asked me how old I was and I said 46 last
birthday, and since I said it, I believed it.”

I spend all of my 45th year believing I was 46, Now I am 46…so I was 44 then 46 and 46. I
must be losing my mind!!!

We were hysterical by the time the bus showed up. I am really going nuts. Maybe I should be
45 this year and then 47. I can’t just skip 45, can I?


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