Figuring it out

Figuring it out

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After we decided that Monte was too difficult for our family…here is a link to his cuteness… my heart was broken. I began to look for other situations although my heart wasn’t in it. I must admit that little guy, although we never met, reached out and grabbed my heartstrings and pulled HARD. I have been praying that if Ray was to change his mind without me saying anything, I would be ready to go right now to DC. But since that hasn’t happened, maybe God has another little one for us.


We were contacted about a 7-year-old AA boy who was aggressive, he had been thrown off the bus multiple times. That was a no from me, I have to keep the family safe. The birthmoms of our adopted kids depended on us to have a clean and safe environment. To risk that would not be fair to that unwritten agreement.

We were contacted about a 6-year-old AA girl with behavioral issues and a 3-year-old Caucasian little boy with very severe total dependence Cerebral Palsy. Once again the safety issue and second my back could not lift that little guy around and not end up in surgery in a month. I have neuropathy in my right leg due to past injuries.

An agency really liked us for a little biracial newborn baby boy who had a positive drug screen that their fees were 33 thousand dollars. Well they wouldn’t come down on fees and we don’t have that kind of money 😉 So it was a no.


Right now, if you would be praying, the social worker for Bryant also on adopt us kids has contacted us with his medical information. They only do that if they think you might be a potential match. We are praying and rereading his file and hope to know by the end of the weekend whether to take the next step.

But of course in the back of my mind is little Monte…God will have to break that bond, but for now, I pray he finds his perfect family, and very soon.


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