In the AM

Morning began with Mazie shoving a cereal box in my face. “Cereal?”
I told her to wait a minute.  I Cinched
my body out of bed a centimeter at a time. Stumbling to the kitchen, Micah
informs me he has diarrhea and Shyloh creeps down the steps informing me her
other ear hurts too and she can’t hear anything. Since she started antibiotics
yesterday, I told her it would not get worse and she can’t miss another day of
school. Mazie is back shoving the cereal box in my face, and more urgently, “Cereal.”  Ok, hon, I tell her and weave my way between
children to the kitchen. Micah then informs me he had another time in the bathroom
and can he please stay home. I told him Ok, and Shyloh was right behind him
whining about her ear. Telling her she already missed two day, and she would
have to go tomorrow, but it was up to her if it hurt bad enough she could stay
home today.spilling bran and raisin cereal Stock Photo - 7272829

Meanwhile, cereal in the kitchen has gone wild, Mazie,
impatient with the pace of her breakfast has spilled it all over the bench and
floor.  As three kids and mom sweep and
pick up cereal, she has gotten the milk out of the fridge.

Mum, Ray’s mom, is still in the hospital so I have to make a
trip in this morning to drop off supplies for her.  I call my friend Linda who was to watch Ben
telling her I didn’t need her because some of the kids who were sick could
watch him. Meanwhile, Ian caught the bus and Mazie is begging me to pack her
lunch.  I climbed the steps and woke

Giving Micah instructions with how to start chili for
supper, I inch out the door, making sure he knows the bus schedule so Mazie
doesn’t miss the bus again.  Over my
shoulder, I  told Micah  what to do with Ben when he wakes.

Jumping in the car, “I’ve got to move it move it.” A
McDonald’s toy somewhere under the driver’s seat begins to sing…I think it is
the lemur from Madagascar.  I pull out, moving “nice and sweet and sassy 🙂 ”

Mcdonalds Happy Meal Toy Dreamworks Madagascar 2 Escape to Africa Movie, King Julien Doll Toy


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