And Waiting some More

And Waiting some More…

Yes!! Ray gave me the go ahead for little Bryant in FL. You can see the post here:  His case workers and adoption coordinator will be meeting the beginning of December to decide what is best for him. Just maybe he will be the one! He has some siblings that the foster mom is adopting, but felt that this little guy had too many needs for her to go through with adopting him too 😦  We would take them all, but that is not the plan for this family. We will have to keep in touch with the siblings by Skype, email, letters and pictures. Not a problem, just wish they could all stay together.

Which brings me to the next case I am waiting to hear about: This sibling group, there are five of them. They are in TX the eldest is 9, then 5,4,2, and 0. They are looking for a family that will keep them together. Ray said YES…so we have to wait on this case too…

And the last one, a birth mom is due Jan 5 th in FL, I won’t go into the circumstances, but my heart just cried for her. She is dilated to a 3 due to an incompetent cervix. The cost of this one is a beyond what we have currently so we would have to take out a loan or something to finish paying for it. But I can’t explain it, another one where I felt the tug. At least I sent her a personal note of encouragement, maybe that is all I was supposed to do. Trying to follow God’s leading is sometimes like groping in the dark. But God knows the desires of my heart and as long as my desire is to bring HIM glory and reflect HIS light and character, I am on the right track.


One comment on “And Waiting some More

  1. my husband and I have been looking at adopting waiting children as well. it’s such a process! But one that will be well worth it in the end, I’m sure.

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