Throwing Caution to the Wind!

Throwing Caution to the Wind

We heard back from one sibling group we applied for:   Yep count them there are FIVE!!

However, after reading the background of the children, beautiful as they are, we couldn’t apply further. The girls had learning problems, who cares? The children tend to wet the bed, who cares? The history was tough, who cares? They all were exposed to substances prenatally affecting many things, who cares?  There are the normal acting out behaviors expected in children that have a hard past, who cares? But the one reason we said no…aggression… Aggression has a way of not making anyone feel safe. The children younger than the aggressor are at their mercy. As a parent you try your best to keep everyone safe, counseling helps but doesn’t fix it. Then they learn to be aggressive where you can’t see them and your children are victims of each other. Don’t ask me how I know, I just know.

Bryant, bless his heart is the victim of vacations. The case worker is on vacation and nothing will move forward with him until she comes back after December the 5th then they have a final review and match meeting. Even if we are picked for him, we were informed that we will have to get ANOTHER FBI, state, and childline clearance even though ours are only less than six months old!! FL state law. We can’t have unsupervised visits with him until that is done…what?? FBI takes about a month to get back but Childline takes almost six weeks!! Pa state you can do online, thank heavens. I asked her if we should start them now to save time later and have not received a reply, vacation remember.

And last, PRAYERS please!! I received this email:

I have an adoption situation that you might be interested in. Would you call me at xx8-xx9-xxx4. The baby was born yesterday morning. She is a full Hispanic baby girl, with potential special needs. Thanks! From Faithful Adoption Consultants: and from special angels adoptions more information:

Baby Hispanic little girl born, she is 17 boy friend is 20. The baby was delivered by emergency cesearian section. Her heart rate was irregular, when she was born, her apgars were horrible. The adoptive parents walked. The baby is on a ventilator.

Ray said…”YES, sure we’ll take her.” We were going to know today…see how quick that can happen? NM almost had a few visitors. But she has been moved to a specialty hospital and may not make it. Pray for this little one, her birth parents and the social workers. They are not going to match her with anyone in this condition. In a week, if she makes it, they will assess her condition and see who is still interested.  Pray she feels Jesus holding her as she waits for her family, and if it is God’s will, that she lives.



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