Not for MEN !!

Not for MEN

Whoo HOO…I had a good hair day. It has been so long!! You got this girls. Some days you want to feel good, but your hair is uncooperative. One wing is heading east and the other is going south. My hair is not curly enough to be cute, not straight enough to carry a cute shag or blunt cut. It’s wavy on the sides and back, flat in the front and top, with two cow licks in the back.

The hair if it is cut straight, it looks crooked. If I curl or straighten it, it is soo stubborn. The minute wind or mist or fog hits it…voila, back to the crazy hair in two seconds flat.

But some days, God shines on me…and my hair is wonderful. It is just like I dreamed, just like I hope, and what I had in mind for that cut. And it makes you float on a cloud for the day. The kids fight, it’s Ok you look great!! You have to mop the floor twice, it’s OK your hair looks great!! You smile more, you feel like a million bucks, cause no one can touch you!!

I guess that’s why most days my hair is not great. I would get too confident, proud and cocky…So God in his wisdom flattens me by making my hair horrid again. But for today, I am Cinderella, I am Bo Derek, I am Jennifer Aniston…

And MEN, you just won’t get it.

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