Christmas Time!

Christmas time !!

kids after everything is done: (i-r) Shyloh,Benjamin, Ian, Faith, Micah and Mazie in the front.

We slid, pushed and pulled the many boxes out of the attic, set up the tree, and I left the kids do the work, or at least most of it.

The stuffed Nativity, a gift from dear friends when Caleb and Levi were babies

Faith and Shyloh discussed who was to decorate the window sill and who was to make the top of the piano beautiful.

The top of the piano, Shyloh likes the blue lights!

Benjamin and Mazie kept hanging up the same ornaments over and over, since they refused to stay on the tree. We hung up all 11 stockings, even for the children who have moved out.

the window sill Faith decorated, just the way she wanted.

Micah and Ian made a beeline to be anywhere but in the work zone.

Grandma Violet's jewelry tree she made.

Boys….Ray also kept his distance, not wanting any part of tinsel and lights.

Grandmie’s favorite star I inherited, the colors rotate from the heat of a night light, ingenious.

But we have a beautiful result!


It is so nice to remember those who gave me a special gift as they were dispersing their decorations. The tangible object makes me pause every year in remembrance of a different time and place. I can almost hear their voices as I pull out the decorations.

 One of my favorite memories is with that beautiful star. My Grammie had very bad cataracts the last few years I helped her put up the tree. She looked at the tree with the lights the last year and said, “WHOO WEE, I have never seen anything as beautiful as Christmas lights with cataracts.”

 We all can learn a lesson from that: Beauty for ashes, positive outlook, that was my beloved Grammie.  Love the memories. Miss their lives.


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