Whip Lash

Adoption update:

The little girl I asked you to pray about in my last post went to be with Jesus. http://wp.me/pGjVl-fK The birth mom had a blood clot and had to stay in the hospital longer than expected.

As that situation was unfolding, we got contacted about a little African-American baby girl born at 27 weeks. She was two pounds one oz. We sent our information. The birth mom was hemorrhaging and placed in ICU. The agency could not get her to sign consents when she was under the influence of the narcotics so they waited. She decided to wait to make a final decision on placing the little one for adoption. Who could blame her right? That was over a week ago and she has not been back to the hospital. The hospital is giving the agency a few more days. If she does not sign, or visit, or call, about the baby, abandonment charges will be filed against her. This one, we don’t know how it will turn out.


Meanwhile, Bryant still waits in foster care. His case workers have not yet even SCHEDULED a match meeting…what’s up with that? They have interested families and there he sits in a medical foster home. The system is notoriously slow. Something must be done to move these children closer to placement in a controlled but steady manner. It has been two months since they have closed any inquiry about Bryant to new potential families, reviewing homestudies, come on now. He will not have a new home for Christmas.

Currently, I cannot go into details, but our profile is being considered for a baby that has a genetic difference. I should know after the weekend if we are the chosen family.


Yep it is crazy to network to adopt, but if you like drama and can handle the ups and downs of possibility, maybe it is for you!!


2 comments on “Whip Lash

    • No they are not. Some are through foster care some are through private agencies or contacts that I have networked with due to the fact we have a special needs home study. Many agencies don’t know if they will have a need for a family open to special needs until the baby is born and the prior chosen adoptive family walks. So we might have a contact abruptly for a need for an immediate placement. But as you see, sometimes the baby dies. Sometimes the birth mom won’t sign and sometimes they chose another family. So it is a bit like whiplash!!

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