In the Mind of an Optimist

In the mind of an optimist:

Yes I have no health insurance, but:

1.    I have good health

2.    If I was a missionary I would not likely have health insurance and if I did there wouldn’t be a doctor around anyway.

3.    Hospital care is available, if I want to sell our house, at least I have a choice!

4.    I have a life insurance policy.

5.    There are always the herbs the medicines came from.

6.    Preventative care costs really nothing and is very effective.

7.    Sometimes during an operation they chop off the wrong foot anyway.

8.    My great-grandparents: all of them lived to between 88 and 90 with no medical care (or teeth), so I am likely to live that long so I will have Medicare by then, unless they are bankrupt.

9.    In a few years, if the costs continue, no one will have health insurance since the government will be bankrupt and the companies will drop coverage because of the huge cost increases.

10.  And ten of course, is that God is the great physician, and this should be number 1.

SOO, why worry right?


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