01/03/2011 Time for another adoption blog

Time for an adoption blog:

At the end of my last blog  http://wp.me/pGjVl-gn   I mentioned about a possible situation. This little guy was just a few weeks old; born to Chinese parents with a chromosomal abnormality. His parents struggled with the thought of placing him or not, after looking at our web page and a few others, here is what the director of our group passed on to us:

Just spoke with — bdad. They went to see a genetic counselor today and they are feeling more confident about parenting. They want to get another opinion from another doctor before deciding for sure. This genetic counselor believes that the deletion is so minor and the baby looked so good that he may do very well. Bdad did want me to tell the families that seeing them and their willingness to love special needs children really started to turn his heart. He saw your profiles and the love you have for your children and he began to rethink his plan for adoption. He said that it made him realize that all children really do have potential and can add to a family. You truly inspired him and he says that he has great love for you. He said that he felt the spirit of a “higher being” speaking to his heart when viewing the profiles. So even though I know this journey is very hard, please know that you are making a difference

Now isn’t that exciting? There were only two families that were interested and to think we helped a family have confidence to parent a little guy with differences is just awesome to me! God used us in ways we don’t even know.

And BRYANT, his match meeting is Jan 10thwe don’t know yet, but we are in the final 3. Here

is my last message from his case worker after answering a list of questions for her:

Bryant’s health has been fine – no additional complications.  Bryant had a swallow test last week and passed.  While he will still have the feeding tube for awhile, we are excited that he will be able to eat on his own in the future.  Bryant also sat up by himself earlier this month.

I am glad to hear that you had a good Christmas.  It was about 75 degrees here.  A green Christmas is normal to us – I actually can’t even imagine what it would be like with snow although it looks peaceful in the movies – but it must be strange for you all to not have snow.

 We submitted our information for a newborn in SC, but we were too far away to get all the paperwork done over the New Year holiday, they wanted someone to pick him up in 10 hours, so a couple in NC was chosen.

Due to the change in our insurance I now have to be careful to which situation I submit our profile. Let me explain: The birth mom usually has the medical assistance card. The baby is born, with the card or able to be placed with government insurance since they are all children with health problems. If the child stays with the parent, no problem, the child has no lapse in coverage. However, if an adoption agreement is signed, the adoptive parent cannot apply for government  insurance for the child, since the legal custody is still with the birth parent until termination occurs. At the point of termination of birthparent rights, the custody is with the agency then after finalization, with the adoptive parent.

 Prior to finalization, you have no social security card for the child, the child must be placed under your private health care insurance. Look at most health care plans, the deductible amount is a few thousand dollars, co-pays are so much a Dr. visit. It all adds up. Once finalization occurs, you can apply for medicare insurance for  Jr., but not until you get a reissued social security card. These children are falling between the cracks since most people do not have the thousands for the adoption then thousands on top of that for the medicals until finalization.

Legal custody

Birthparent—> agency –> adoptive parent

Medical responsibility

Adoptive parent –> adoptive parent –> adoptive parent


So that is why the special ones struggle to find homes, something must be done to bridge the gap. UNLESS they are in state care, then they can be placed in an adoptive home with no lapse in coverage. Shouldn’t something be done rather than the children having to go to foster care to have contiguous coverage? Truly there are a lot of good parents not able to bridge the gap.

I inquired about Eva, a little girl in the system in Wisconsin. And I got a cool reply:


 Thanks so much for your interest in Eva. Currently Eva is doing very well medically and developmentally. She does require constant monitoring as well as daily medication management.


At this time we are only looking for an adoptive home for Eva. However, her 3 month old sister Elisa is also diagnosed with sickle cell anemia and we may need a placement for her in the future. Would your family be open to this?


Cool, huh?


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