Introducing: BENJAMIN

Introducing: BENJAMIN

Benjamin. I don’t write a ton about the individual children. Benjamin has been struggling. We have not had him assessed, but I KNOW he has autism. How do I know? Family history, observation of a brother a nephew and multiple cousins who have been diagnosed made me suspicious, kind of sure, and now certain.

I will get him assessed soon, but in the meantime…Our family history stinks, at least on my side. In my  Mom’s family,  there were 9 children.  Of the children, there are 37 children, so I have tons of first cousins on my mom’s side. Each of the cousins had children. We began to observe a pattern.

My Aunt Barb’s grandchildren: 3 autistic

My Uncle Ted’s grandchildren: none, 1 MR

My mom’s grandchildren: 3 autistic, one other low functioning

Aunt Betty Jo, 1 (suspected not diagnosed)

Uncle Jim: none severe allergies-2

Aunt Deb: 3 autistic

Uncle Rob: 2 suspected autistic not confirmed

Uncle Rick: none

Uncle Bill : unknown(too little)

The numbers of autistic children do not match with probability in the population. What is going on?

Besides that fact, Benjamin is struggling. In the fall of last year, I thought it was my imagination. After his hospitalization in the spring, things really started to go downhill.  We were to the place where you could not get him to look at you, he would recite his ABC’s 24/7. He made no attempt to answer anything you asked him. He would run around the coffee table touching each corner. If you interrupted him in the middle of lining up his block he would scream at you. If we went somewhere new, oh my gosh, total meltdown, just a puddle of screaming, crying, hands over his ears and eyes.  I was at my wits end. I had tried, but was wondering where to go from here, when “out of the blue,” yeah right,” Rebecca called. God had a hand in it I am sure.

Rebecca is a pioneer in our family with researching autism. She was a math teacher when first one then two then three of her children were diagnosed with the disease of autism. She has called me a total of three times in the last fifteen years. Her call was not by chance, I needed her, and God sent her. I was crying and telling her what was happening with Benjamin. She kept asking me, “how is his eye contact.” I was talking, but eventually answered her question…you see I just had to talk!! I told her his eye contact is almost non-existent. Get rid of all dairy she told me. She said her kids all would lose eye contact almost immediately upon introduction of any dairy into their diet.

She also told me some other things, but I have not implemented them, since I have to buy the supplements etc. But I could immediately remove all dairy. That was Tuesday.

A normal trip to the store was gingerly taking Benjamin through the aisles, hoping I did not see anyone who would talk to me, or look at Ben and I would hope he would not be over stimulated and start a meltdown.  Today is Friday, two days after I removed all dairy. We went to Giant Eagle to buy Almond milk and other things. I ran into two people I knew, one talked to Ben, no response, but no crying. He began to sing, “Jesus loves me…” We waited for deli meat, no melt down. We waited in line, he picked his treat. The cashier said, “Let me scan that for you honey,” and reached out her hand. Benjamin looked up, right into her eyes and said, “OK.” She scanned it and handed the treat back to him.

WOW, I thought he was improving, but WOW. Introducing, “BENJAMIN!!!” Rebecca explained to me that something in the milk, an allergic reaction, an incomplete digestion so there is an odd by product…something causes the brain to inflame in her children after milk consumption. My buddy boy, is alive. We are now at about an 18 month level (he is 3) but, BUT thank God I breast fed so he probably did not struggle until milk was introduced at that time. Weird, how could there be no outward signs of allergy, no rash, no diahrrea, no constipation, and it be KILLING and DESTROYING something in his brain?

We have a long way to go, but now we have a boy to work with, not a reciter of all things alphabet. At least he looks at me and sees me. All I can say is WOW!!


9 comments on “Introducing: BENJAMIN

  1. Hi, I don’t think my kids had allergies, but we dealt with a lot of the same things, especially with my son. Two of my children are autistic, one has a shadow syndrome. There are learning disabilities and ADHD all over the extended family, along with bipolar disorder. You are at the beginning of your journey; I am nearing the end of mine.

    • I just could not believe he had allergies and no rash or diahrrea or anything…and yes we have ADHD everywhere too I haven’t done the totals on that!!

  2. wow…had no idea there was so much autism in our family. My Max is very easily overstimulated and often has meltdowns (no restaurants for this kid, he goes nuts!!) He is also overly affectionate and loves hugs kisses and eye contact too….I wonder if he doesn’t have sensory processing disorder of some type but everyone I talk to says he’s just Max and just a high maintenance child. I am glad that Benjamin is doing better off of dairy. I never even knew about that….

    • Christie you should try to eliminate the dairy, we are related you know 🙂 It might really help. Ben was meltdown city.I couldn’t even visit my friends anymore, if it was a place he had never been, he would cover his eyes and cry.

  3. I am glad to hear you are having positive results with the elimination of milk.

    Changing my son’s diet was life changing. I started seeing huge improvements in Brody with the elimination of all dairy, gluten and allergy positive foods.

    He no longer is the “invisible boy in the corner.”

    If you are interested, please check out my website, Health Induced Autism (plethora of autism info) at:


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