A Rough Day

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A Rough Day

You know waiting is the absolute worst.

Adoption; engaging and disengaging… Bryant, sweet soul, was matched with another family.

Here is the letter:

We held our match staffing for Bryant today.  While your family presented excellent qualities, we did select another family for Bryant.  Thank you for your interest in adopting a child out of the foster care system.  I wish you the best in your future endeavors to adopt.

Thank you,
Go with God Bryant.

 We were told a day prior to the adoptive match meeting there were SIX families. That is a huge number, way above the usual three. We knew they preferred a family closer to the Jacksonville, FL area since his siblings are in that area. So with six, the assumption was, of course there was a closer family, but nonetheless we waited two months for a decision on their part. That is why if you submit for children in the system, you should not stop looking elsewhere.

The clock ticks. Ray says he thinks that all the agencies/birth families think we are too old. I just think that God knows. It is hard not to feel down and rejected many times over.

One thing I know, our adoption fund is not quite high enough. We have a few situations we submitted for that would require us to take out a loan for a few thousand dollars. I know God is bigger than that. Also, I will have to pay months of premiums for the little special one until he or she can be placed on the medical card due to their health. I can do that once finalization occurs or a waiver is signed.

Sigh, the situation right now is I am waiting today. We received a call about a little Down syndrome baby born in OH. She was 4 pounds and the adoptive family walked. The PA agency that called us works with them regularly. They came down on costs 3 thousand dollars, but if we are matched, we should know today, it will still require us to borrow thousands of dollars. But God is bigger than that. Here is the email we got from them:

We have a situation the requires immediate placement of a special needs child. Birthmother xxxx was networked in September and matched with a family from a different agency. She gave birth in the last couple of days and the Caucasian baby girl was born with Down Syndrome. The baby girl was born in Ohio, weighs 4 pounds, after being born about 2-3 weeks early and is said to be doing well. xxxxx had blood work and ultrasounds that did not reveal the baby to have Down Syndrome prior to the birth. The family that xxxxx was matched with has decided that they cannot move forward. Below is the original information that was sent out:

f we knew the answer before we stepped, you know, that just isn’t faith. So, if you feel led, we have placed and adoption fund paypal button on the side.

The baby in Texas where the birth mom is still fighting whether to place or not, baby is in NICU since early December also the fees are higher, but God led me to that one too. So God knows, he can work a miracle.

Of course we are waiting to hear of news of EVA yet in the system. Expect another two month wait on that one too.


Discouraged, but hanging on. Thanks for listening.

For our Adoption Fund:


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