Things I learned January 12th-18th

Things I learned January 12th-18th

  • Toe socks look like gloves to a three year old
  • Two young men can never get up to a phone alarm at 3:00am
  • When moving an 87 year old woman, assume she will be confused
  • Crock pot liners work really well
  • When the big boss travels two hours to find your son to yell at him for being late, it means he at least still has a job
  • When renting an apartment, always be sure you are looking at the right oil tank gauge before assuming you will have heat
  • Guitar amplifiers will never be set on volume 2.
  • Mud always sticks to the bottom of shoes
  • Poopy diapers will always be taken off by the wearer, in such a way, that the poop falls onto the floor.
  • Visits by a father whose daughter rides your son’s bus is never a good thing.
  • All the children will fight over the same box of cereal when they have a selection
  • When mom hides the TV controller she will never remember where she hid it.
  • Three high school kids can wake from a dead sleep and run down the lane to catch the bus without looking in the mirror or going to the bathroom.

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