Ok now, Deep Breath

Ok now, Deep Breath

Our agency knows we are available for special situations, but are not “signed up” with them. So when this baby was born, they sent an email to all the case workers looking for a special family. Guess what? We were contacted yesterday about this little guy, and we said, “yes.” We just had to wait to see if any of their contracted families were willing to adopt this special angel.

It was a VERY long day. I took Levi’s cell phone with me to the appointment at the psychiatrist’s office for Mazie’s evaluation for her therapeutic support staff (TSS). I took her to lunch…still no call. I called Levi for him to check my email to see if they sent an email instead…nothing. I sent an email around 1:00pm to the secretary…the phone rang!!

Take a very deep breath… We have a SON!! I don’t know his name, I don’t know what he looks like, but God has given us another son.

We have to borrow some money since we don’t quite have enough. I will have many more details and pictures when we come back. We will be going to Philadelphia in the morning to meet him. He is in Saint Christopher’s Children’s Hospital, the same exact hospital Mazie spent so much time. So, I was right to put the donate button on our blog, the timing was exactly right!! Isn’t God cool??

For our Adoption Fund:


One comment on “Ok now, Deep Breath

  1. Congratulations, dear soul!
    Esther, some how I always seem to find room for one more around here, especially the “special needs – special souls.” But I swear, you are worse than I am – and I am so glad!
    I know I can only do one at a time. But I know I CAN do one at a time, and what a difference it makes to that one. Wish we could send more, because I know there is never enough, but I also know that every little bit helps, and somehow you make what you have be enough.
    Sending much love and joy from my crew to yours,
    Dr. Jeanie and the WooCrew

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