The END of the Story…yeah right!!

Adoption Worker Ashley holding the baby, Me and Ray

Daddy holding the baby

Mommy holding the baby

When we walked in after speaking with the doctor in the NICU in the conference room, we were very surprised. He was only hooked up to an Oxygen monitor, a heart/breathing monitor and that was it!! He was very cute, I think he has RED hair. His eyelashes are red!! He has very high tone that the nurses say may be a problem for him (very stiff legs). We had no name at first.

We knew after hearing the story about the police officer, his middle name would be Hunter, but it took us until the next day to decide. Ray liked Elijah, I like Elisha…so he is Eli Hunter Primel… 🙂

For our Adoption Fund:


6 comments on “The END of the Story…yeah right!!

  1. Esther and Ray, you have the glow of new parents, all over again! Congratulations to you both and to your family!! He is a beautiful boy, and I adore his name! I’m so thrilled for you both! Much love from us both! ❤

  2. Wow! God is amazing and so is your new son! I will pray for him and for your adoption process. God is in control! Give your baby a hug and have a good night.

  3. O my gosh!!!! I miss a few days of your life, and look what happens!! Oh, my goodness! I am so excited for you. He is absolutely beautiful! What a treasure! And thank you and your family for loving that little guy! What a blessing! It has absolutely made my week . . . and the week has just begun!!! Bless you, friend!

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