Part 4 “The Story”

Probably this detail is boring to some of you, but when we were going through the process for the first time, it was so hard to find any information as to how exactly does it work?  I kept reading things thinking, details please!! We don’t generally have money in our account like that, but as I said before in another post, God provided it due to the adoption credit was no longer a credit but refundable. Since I had carried over Mazie’s adoption expenses, we had a sizable refund.

The adoption agencies are particular in that they do not take personal checks, the checks must be bank cashier’s checks. So, on Friday morning, Ray and I went to the bank and got the checks. Levi was in charge at home. Shyloh went to Maggie’s (a friend’s) for a night, and Faith went to Julia’s (her friend’s). The rest of the children were Levi’s to parent for two days. Believe me, he was very glad to see us come home!

We met the adoption worker in the lobby. We could not enter the hospital due to the security in the Children’s hospital without the correct paperwork. The social worker from the hospital came to verify our paperwork and our identity. We gave the adoption worker the checks in the lobby after looking at the medical and social file for the birth mother.  They gave us paperwork to show at the security desk for the next time we decided to visit our son (so the social worker would not have to be present at the desk). We signed paperwork and were ready to meet our son!!

For our Adoption Fund:


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