Part Two of “The Story”

Part 2

The baby was weighed and measured. He was 4 pounds 7 oz and 17 inches long. He was determined to be 43 weeks gestational age. The diagnosis was Intrauterine Growth Restriction.

The little baby was examined by a geneticist and determined not to have any features that would indicate the need for genetic testing. Many tests were coming back negative, except for one. Oxycodone was found in the meconium around the baby. Immediately, a withdrawal protocol was begun. Every four hours, morphine is being administered to the baby in decreasing doses. The “official” diagnosis is neonatal abstinence syndrome. The baby is being scored : Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Scoring (NASS) on the baby, which means that we check their vital signs and score them every 4 hours around the clock. The way the scoring system works is that points are assigned to certain withdrawal symptoms that the baby is exhibiting and the severity of each. Different symptoms that we see include increased temperature, increased respiratory rate, tremors, high-pitched crying, poor feeding, sleep problems, tight muscle tone, excoriation of the skin, sneezing, diarrhea (which causes terrible diaper rash), excessive and inconsolable crying, in addition to many others. If the baby scores an 8 or above, we then score them again in 2 hours. If they get an 8 or above for 3 consecutive times, they are then started on morphine, and the dosage is adjusted slowly up or down every few days, depending on their NASS score, the goal being to ultimately wean them off of the morphine. When they are started on morphine, it usually takes weeks before they are weaned off completely (a normal baby is usually discharged after two days).” ( )

The baby is being called “Hunter” by the nurses, a lot better than Baby Boy Cxxxxxxxxxx. Sergeant Hunter is still stopping by to see the baby.

At the other hospital, due to the mom’s request for “safe haven,” an adoption agency was contacted in hopes that the baby could be adopted straight away without spending time in foster care. The agency begins to search for a family. They will not have her sign papers transferring custody to them unless they can find a family.

For our Adoption Fund:


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