The Train

The Train

 It is time to visit. I am missing little Eli and wanted to go and see him. That is always a big planning ordeal. Benjamin, with his difficulties, has trouble with someone other than Ray or I watching him. We juggled our schedules and came up with Ray taking Monday off. It takes about six hours or so to go by train to see the little guy. I am on the train right now and anticipating seeing the baby.

There are three specific prayer requests I have right now.

First, the birth mother has not signed official papers for the adoption agency. Pray she signs the papers, and the legal father signs as well. The birth father is unknown so advertisements will have to be published four months from the time of “abandonment.” If the birthmother doesn’t sign, the same procedure will have to be done to terminate her rights. The paper has to list the birth parents, give them a hearing date in 30 days. If no one comes to the hearing, then a court date is set for termination. The whole process takes a long time. Our finalization will not be probably for 11 months or so. The lawyer has NEVER had a case where the birth mother has not signed. I am always afraid when they say that, because Ray and I have been the “first case like that” in so many instances.

Second, pray Eli is able to tolerate the weaning of the morphine. His scores were jumping between 5 and 8 all last week after the first reduction in the dose. Until his scores are consistently 5 and below, the doctors cannot continue the weaning process.

And also, the agency wanted us to call the county to see if he would be eligible for adoption subsidy. The agency has completed multiple subsidy agreements with the adoptive parent’s counties. The way I understand it, we have to apply while he is still an orphan. The county determines if he is “special needs” and makes a decision as far as him having a medical card and possibly adoption subsidy (money) to help pay for the adoption process and care afterwards. Of course when I called the county…”we have never done this before…” UGHH. The woman I spoke with at CYS was very nice and will speak to her superiors, another county and our agency to come up with how to proceed.

We were asked what health insurance little Eli would come home with…my answer was “I don’t know.” Remember back in this post, I said Ray’s work cancelled the health insurance of the children and I so we now will have to purchase it. The “Special care” plan…a reduced cost plan for those with low income, we qualify for, but the costs are still $320.00 a month to cover me, Levi (it is required since he is in a dorm in college), and Eli. Ok, I filled out the form, now what to do? Ray is looking for another job, but that is not the immediate solution. Once the adoption is finalized Eli can be on Blue Chip or Access, but right now?  Ok, I must admit, I cried. The pressure sometimes is great.

 But God reminded me of a time long ago when Ray was laid off and we were doing our home study for Ian. We did not have the money up front for the cost of the home study, every month, we had the hundred dollars they required for the next step.

I want to thank everyone who has supported our adoption journey. Thank you so much for your prayers. Believe me, I need them.  We now have enough for the first deposit for the lawyer fees!! What a blessing you all are. Pray for me, I struggle with having faith enough for every day; Faith that God will provide what is needed, faith that I can keep my eyes off the waves that want to swallow me, faith that God indeed is able. If I look at how impossible it all seems, I become paralyzed, but if I look at God’s provision and the call of being part of the safety net for these little ones that Jesus loves so much, I am honored to be chosen.
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One comment on “The Train

  1. SO MANY TIMES, Esther, as I struggle with my many health issues & the accompanying problems, I cry out to God & He, so lovingly, brings to mind that song, “God Will Take Care of You”…..Singing through it, once or twice, just takes away all the doubt and fear, for me. I know you have ways of reminding yourself of His matchless love for you and your family, but I just wanted to bear witness to what He does for me when I’m feeling hopeless, concerned or afraid. You are very gifted at writing, as well as in so many other areas, so I hope you will, one day, write a book about the life and growth of the Ray Primel Family!! I will buy it, for sure!!

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